This app assesses how much and how evenly water is applied from your irrigator.

Get Started

To use this app on your smart phone

  1. On the Android, or iPhone app store, search for "Bucket Test"
  2. Press the "install" or "get" button and the app will download to your phone
  3. Open the app and follow the prompts to set up a user account and log in

For more information

Bucket Test User Guide PDF


Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement

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About the app

This app:

  • Is the industry standard for annual performance assessments of irrigation systems in NZ.
  • Provides evidence that you have undertaken an annual performance assessment of your irrigation system for your Farm Environment Plan audit.

This app should not be used for:

  • Commissioning an irrigation system
  • A comprehensive performance assessment of an irrigation system


The information generated by this app is indicative and is not designed as a full performance assessment and should not be used for commissioning purposes. Regen Ltd and Irrigation New Zealand accept no responsibility for any event or consequence from using the information generated from this app and the resulting report.


The Check-It Bucket Test app has been developed by Regen Ltd with funding from Irrigation New Zealand and Agmardt